Timeline - Before October 1, 2020 and after

2010-2020 Old System Log On

Clients prior to October 1st will pay their final December 2020 Payments here. You can still access your current Log In, pay your December payment and workorders through December 2020.

2021 – New System Log On – All Clients

All new and existing clients – This is the new system for 2021. You MUST set up your January 1st payment now via this new system. In order to do this, Denali will need your email address. You will need to set up your bank info in the new system. Otherwise your payments will be rejected at the bank. The old system will be shut down 12/17/20 for December 2020 payments. Please ensure your payments for December are in prior to 12/17/2020. Lastly please follow the instructions given to you via broadcast messages and your new statement for January 2021 which will be sent out via mail shortly.