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Your own association website allows residents to securely access building specific documents and pay dues online. The website is both PC and mobile friendly, perfect for your on-the-go residents.  Documents are searchable for ease-of-use, or perform an account inquiry. In addition, Board Members easily access monthly financial statements, bank statements, collection reports, even copies of all invoices paid.


  • Document storage for Bylaws, Governing Documents, Insurance Policies, Meeting Minutes etc..
  • Broadcast Messaging System to Communicate with Residents
  • Post Calendar of Events
  • Homeowners Can View Their Accounts & Pay Online
  • Board Member View All Financial & Collection Reports including Income Statements, Balance Sheet, A/R Report, A/P Report, Collection Report, Bank Recs, & more
  •  Homeowners Can Post All Maintenance Requests for Boards to Address


Our accounting team is staffed with career CPA’s and bookkeepers with decades of experience in condominium, Home Owner Association, commercial, and rental properties.  We scan every piece of paper, invoice, deposit, bank statement and make them all available via our portal.


  • Accrual Based Accounting
  • PDF Searchable Reports & Documents
  • Bank Reconciliation Complete with Scans of Deposits, Checks & Invoices
  • Budget Creation
  • Budget vs. Actual Reporting
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Collection Reports Monthly
  • Audit Preparation
  •  Tax & Sate Filings

Accounts Payable (Bill Payments)

Bills are paid in a timely manner.  Never again do you need to worry again if the bills were paid or not.

  • Invoices & Checks Scanned and Posted Online
  • Timely Payment of Utility, Vendor, Insurance and Expense Reimbursements
  •  Vendor Review To Guarantee they are Properly Insured
  • Live Customer Service Reps Answer Resident Questions




E-mailed monthly statements & mailed monthly statements are utilized to cut down on delinquencies.  Late letters and phone calls are sent as reminders  to pay. Then ultimately, we work with our attorneys to collect against residents who are delinquent.

  • Monthly Statements are both Emailed and Mailed
  • All Payments Received via Lockbox & Posted to Account Ledgers Same Day
  • Late Letters Sent at 30/60/90 Days
  • Personal Phone Calls/Emails at 60 Days
  • Staff Negotiates Delinquency Settlements in Coordination with the Boards
  • Attorney/ Legal Intervention as Needed



Accounting Plus MORE!

We are not just bookkeepers. We are your 24/7 office, helping you better manage your community and your investment.

  • Professional Financial Office Staff to Advise Board Members 
  • Live Customer Service Department to answer Homeowner/Board Questions
  • Resale and Refinance Administration
  • Insurance Advisors Claims Managers
  • Community Mailings
  • Violation Management
  • Hard copy Document Storage
  • Work Order & Service Request Software
  • Condo Questionnaires
  • Closing Packages
  • Property Loan Assistance
  • Virtual Property Management Attendance for Board or Annual Meetings

 * Note some services above are provided at an additional fee.



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